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Well there is no team really, it's just me!

The same person on the phone, the same person on the email, the same person from start to finish dealing with you personally.

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Peter Conisbee

I retired from the Metropolitan Police in 2017 after a long career working in West and North London. I ended my last few years as part of the licensing team in a North London Borough. Having wanted to help people all my life, it was here I found a new love of helping businesses. I retrained as a paralegal in licensing law and on retirement started my own licensing consultancy, which is still in full throttle today (see below for a link). When I was offered the chance to be a commercial energy broker, it just seemed a perfect fit for my business and another way of easing the stress of my clients setting up new businesses or expanding. So here I am today, proud owner of both PcLicensing Consultancy and Bee Power Commercial Energy.

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