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Bee Power Commercial Energy

Bee Power opened in 2021. Don't mistake that for thinking that the owner is new to the business and wet behind the ears, because thats just not the case. You see the owner is actually also a licensing consultant and was introduced to commerical energy brokering by a friend who thought it might be a good fit to accompany his business. Wow, was that friend correct (thank you Gary!). From initially offering his various consultancy clients the brokering service at their restaurants, pubs, cafes and night clubs, he moved along and started to help out up and down the land with a few grass roots music venues. This is where it really started to take off.

Having a love of live music and realising the plight of some of the countrys finest music venues, he set about to try and not just obtain the best quotes, but tried (and succeeded) to tailor those quotes for the business needs of the venues perfectly.

Then he went a bit further than your usual brokerage, he started to really take on the whole job of managing the energy supply for a number of different clubs and music venues. Dealing with changes of tenancy, sourcing deals for those with poor credit, arranging zero cost deals for unused meters that hadn't been capped and so on. 

Theres a bizarre satisfaction in helping out the hospitality sector that he excells in.

He knows its a little bit odd, but if it keeps the music playing, the food being cooked, the pints being pulled, and the coffee being made (ooooh the coffee!), then he's very happy to be that odd man.  

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